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Detox in the clinic from A to Z

Detox is a fashionable health-improving trend which means not only «thorough cleaning» but also restoration of metabolism. For that purpose we worked out three stages and lots of procedures — special exercises to massages.

The first five days in a clinic are dedicated to the establishment of the internal organs. They are re-taught to fully provide themselves with nutrients remove waste regularly. As a result, except for weight, normalizes blood sugar and cholesterol, tails allergies and insomnia. And this is not a complete list of pleasant changes.

In the second five days the focus is on clean vessels. Restores blood circulation, blood pressure returns to normal, and even cardiogram restores.

The third stage focuses on detox of joints. It is held in the home and includes three-week use of a special vegetable juice.


It provides Your body proper clearance, while milk and juices occupy a modest place in the list of «liquid food». A simple spring water without color, taste and smell has the exclusive right to dissolve and flush out toxins from the cells. To make the process uninterrupted You need to drink at least 1.5 liters daily. Quality «hydration» — ideally with silver ions — will repeatedly accelerate it.

Just do not wash down a meal: you dilute the gastric juices and food will not digest prettily. Half an hour before and after the meal — this is the optimal time, which You would have to wait.


Modern pace of life creates only the illusion of movement. In fact, we overcome hardly more than a kilometer per day. The man went against evolution, changing from being an orthograde creature into sitting, and in retort got slow metabolism. Thirty-minute walk after each meal will correct the situation. After receiving its portion of oxygen, the body speeds up the metabolism and replenishes stock of endorphins. So the more we move, the less weight and better mood.


This procedure in the detox program is needed to restore purity. But do not lose sight of what it is also intended for the control of appetite. Choked up with «junk food» villi of the intestine can not fully extract the nutrients from the water, so that the body is constantly sending signals of hunger to us, hence is overeating and overweight. That’s why after a course of detox you get used to manage with smaller portions. And when fully switched to a healthy diet, the fate of clogged garbage disposal of the excretory system is not threatened.


The digestive tract is often called the second brain. Each of its organ is involved in a chain of natural detox. Enough to crash in at least one, and the decline of the whole system will come. We have no idea how the «inner world» influences on our behavior. For example chronic fatigue and bad character is a result of bile stasis. And alternative medicine specialists have found a link between the malfunctions of digestive system, and our shoes. It has been noted, if the tip stitches stronger or the heel breaks more frequent on the right leg — worth checking the gall bladder, if on the left — the pancreas. That is why many people gladly notice that their fate changes for the better and intuition increases after detox. The second brain itself begins to suggest what and how much to eat. And as you know the health status of 80% depends on food.


You can fully relax only when the brain is not poisoned by toxins. When the work internal factory for recycling waste is debugged, it is returned to a comfortable mode for itself. And then it will take less time for a night’s rest than usual. This ex facte minor detail contributes to a pleasant series of changes. Restful sleep improves memory and increases supplies of serotonin. This hormone calms nerves and reduces appetite. As a result along with a slender figure, we get a clear mind and a quick promotion!

Aging, overweight and many other diseases are caused by a malfunction in the operation of our internal cleansing system.

Juice therapy

This method was used back to ancient Egypt. Modern studies confirm that the citrus cocktail of intensively cleans the blood vessels from plaque. That is why in rejuvenating and fitness program includes juice therapy. Fresh juice from lemon, orange and grapefruit enriched with rutin — a wonderful cleaner of notorious plaques. As if you poured into with fresh blood, warming every cell of the body. And you will forget about the unpleasant coldness in feet or hands. As soon as the circulation in your feet restored, doctors ascertain with confidence that the normalization of internal organs has been successfully completed.

Blind sensing

«It is necessary to clean the gall bladder — and you build the entire digestive tract» — specialists promise. Their assurances are not empty words. And the blind sensing on the first and second stages of the program is an evidence of this. This procedure is recommended for the prevention to do once a week and at home.

Do not eat after 15 hours, you can only drink clean water. And properly tire the bile ducts with two-hour walk. It turns out that physical activity helps them easily part with their content, including toxins. In the evening cook porridge of two tablespoons of ground buckwheat and a glass of water without adding any salt or sugar. After eating it, lie on Your right side on a warm heating pad for forty minutes, and then fall asleep. It is better to remove pillow completely. In the morning you will see that a reaction to the release of the accumulated burden is similar to that described in the proverb, «Like a chip on my shoulder.»


But the cleansing of the liver and bile ducts is carried out only under medical supervision. Lemon juice paired with olive oil has the strongest choleretic effect and the dosage is calculated individually. Certain unpleasant of procedure is compensated by a wonderful results. Changes not only health, but also self-sensation. You become a Buddhist, who loves himself, others, all the surrounding and every blade of grass.


A diet without protein, fat and salt, trains to increase fiber in dietary which adsorbs toxins, and carbohydrates. These elements ensure a long rich and powerful energy. And exactly complicated: after simple stomach in a short time requires a continuation of the banquet. But, contrary to popular belief, we do not need protein so badly. After 25 years, when the body has completed its formation, they need quite a bit. To calculate your rate you can use the formula: for every kilogram of weight — two grams of protein.


Twenty-one day — that is how much time is required to fix habits. The body gets used to anything new gradually. Estimating comfort, it is no longer wants to return to the former. From now on, you begin to eat two or three times a day with no snacks — rest is important for the digestive system as well as for hard-working employees lunch break. You will chew every bite thirty times, to have digested the nutrients in Your mouth, stop making unscheduled raids on the refrigerator. And stop load after six in the evening, because at that time required for processing of food enzymes in sufficient quantities are not produced.


Healthy lifestyle requires a strict audit of your favorite , although historically alien to us dishes. Each nation has a metabolism adapted for thousands of years to a strictly particular diet. So the Japanese hundreds of years ate fish and rice, and they appeared the enzyme to digest a large amount of sushi. But the Russian stomachs cope better with fat meat. We may pamper ourselves without risk to our health, in contrast to the same Japanese. And the French, Italians and Spaniards are accustomed to delicacies from grape, including wine. But our reaction is quite different. And the claim that a daily glass of wine will save us from aging, is debatable.


This control question is required to ask to yourself at the end of all three phases. Admit does your heart flutters on sight of a pastry cream with air, dreams about you amber sap flowing smoked bacon? If yes, the program will be repeated. The man who gave his «inner world» a successful detox, it seems delicious is that good.

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